General Information 

Training for personal licence applicants has been mandatory since 1994, and for project licence applicants since 1995. Such training must be accredited by an independent body and conform to the syllabus set by the Home Office. Red Kite is accredited by the Scottish Accreditation Board to deliver licensee training courses.

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Modules for personal licence applicants (category A and B licences)

Online Avian eggs

Bolt-on module for avian eggs


Module PILC for personal licence applicants (category C licences)


Module E2PPL for project licence applicants

Training course dates for  2018


10-11    E2PPL course for project licence applicants


Training course dates for 2019


4-7        E1LPILAB course for personal licence applicants – all species


10-13    E1LPILAB course for personal licence applicants – all species


7-10       E1LPILAB course for personal licence applicants – all species


Price list for 2018

Courses held at Red Kite venues

Modules E1L PIL A and B

Module E1L taken individually                                £200 + VAT

Modules E1L PILA and B taken together               £450 + VAT*

Modules E1L PILA (without PILB, anaesthesia)    £425 + VAT*    

*Both the above prices include one species group. Additional species groups are charged at £200 + VAT.

Species groups:

Group 1 – Small animals (mouse, rat, guinea pig, rabbit, hamster, gerbil)

Group 2 – large farm animals (cattle, sheep/goats, pigs, horses)

Group 3 – poultry and avian eggs (chickens, turkeys)

Bolt-on module PILA                during scheduled course: £200 + VAT

                                                       outside scheduled course: From £260 + VAT

                                                       online module for avian eggs: £200 = VAT

Module PIL C:                             £450 + VAT (including certificate)

Module E2PPL:                           £450 + VAT (including certificate)

NACWO training:                      £450 + VAT (including certificate)

In-house courses, held at your own establishment

We can deliver in-house Home Office, NACWO, refresher and bespoke courses at establishments throughout the UK on request, and can tailor these courses to your specific requirements. For such in-house courses, there must be suitable facilities for the practical sessions (if applicable). Provision of in-house courses is subject to availability of Red Kite staff, and booking at least 3-4 months in advance is recommended.

Prices for in house courses depend on the length of course, the number of candidates, and the number of trainers required. Prices start from £800 plus VAT for a half day course (one trainer). Travel and parking may be charged additionally. 


Further information

Our training usually takes place in venues in central England, easily accessible by public transport, and close to motorways (usually M4 or M40). We also occasionally use other training venues with good road and rail links.