Regulatory Compliance

Compliance and regulatory support for Establishments licensed under A(SP)A 1986

Licensed Scientific Procedure Establishments are required to protect animal welfare, care and husbandry, whilst providing high-quality biomedical services to scientists, in order to meet their statutory requirements and protect the establishment from potential reputational harm.

Following the recent restructuring of the operations of the Animals in Science Regulation Unit of the Home Office, Licensed Establishments may need advice and support to provide continued reassurance that they are complying with the requirements of the Animals (Scientific Procedures) Act 1986.

As experienced former Home Office inspectors, we are uniquely qualified to assist Establishments with all aspects of regulatory compliance, ensure that their processes are robust, and help prepare them for Home Office Audit Visits.

Red Kite Veterinary Consultants offer a range of services to support establishments through this process. These include:

  • Pre-audit assurance checks or routine visits of inspection. These range from a ‘light-touch’ basic overview to a mock-audit.
  • Assist with preparing paperwork (e.g. licence applications) to ASRU.
  • Advise licence applicants and current licensees regarding presenting and drafting project licence applications and amendment requests to optimise the pre-application process, ensure compliance with the 3Rs, and provide consistency across the Establishment.

We can also offer advice and assistance on the following:

  • Preparation of Non-Technical Summaries of project licences
  • Ethical review
  • Design and construction of facilities to comply with Home Office Codes of Practice
  • Providing advice as to whether procedures require regulation

Please contact us for more information on these services.