Training for people working with animals

Anyone working with animals under the Animals (Scientific Procedures Act) 1986 needs to be adequately educated and trained to ensure that they are competent before they carry out any procedures. Training needs vary for people fulfilling different functions, and the Home Office has defined minimum training requirements for people with different roles. More information on training  requirements can be found in the Guidance on the Operation of the Animals (Scientific Procedures) Act 1986, available on the Home Office web page. Red Kite Veterinary Consultants offer training for all licence applicants and named people.

Testimonials from some of our course attendees can be found here

All staff working with animals should undertake local training in policies and practises specific to the institution. 

Continuing professional development

Everyone working with animals is expected to undertake continuing professional development, to ensure that they keep up to date. Changes to the species, models or types of work may require additional training. The Home Office recommends that a review of training and CPD is undertaken as part of an annual review. Red Kite Veterinary Consultants provide a variety of refresher training and CPD courses.

Information on all of our courses can be found by following the links below.

Home Office licensee training

We deliver all Home Office licensee training modules.

IAT technician and NACWO training

We deliver accredited NACWO training and IAT Diploma levels 2 and 3 for technicians

Function C for those taking care of animals

We deliver a Function C course, providing an introduction for those new to working with animals

Refresher, CPD and bespoke training

We deliver CPD and refresher training for all research personnel, and bespoke training to suit your needs.