Read what some of our customers said after attending our training.

‘I think that the session was great, a lot was covered but at a perfect pace. I think that he nailed the balance of teaching and interactive sessions and he used plenty of summary / recap slides to make sure that the most fundamental concepts were not going missed. I heard good things about …the trainer and he did not disappoint!’ E1L course attendee, March 2021.

‘Presented clearly and methodically, with interesting background information and very good explanations.’ Lucy, scientist. E1LPILAB course attendee.

‘Thank you – I was really impressed with this course and learnt a huge amount. The handouts are excellent.’ Katy, research project manager. E1LPILAB course attendee.

‘Competence and confidence from the lecturers/speakers. They were very friendly and approachable.’ E1LPILAB course attendee.

‘I enjoyed the way the lectures were delivered. The content was made more interesting.’  E1LPILAB course attendee.

‘This is the first course I have done in this format and it worked very well. The delivery, design and content had a good balance of information and discussion. 5 stars.’ Remote NACWO course attendee.

‘Very well received training program, laid out and explained Perfectly. Thoroughly enjoyed. 5 stars.’ Remote NACWO course attendee.

‘Both [tutor] and [tutor] were excellent. The course was very informative and engaging. 5 stars.’ Remote E2PPL course attendee.

‘I really enjoyed the course. It was very informative, well put together and presented and the two days just flew by. 5 stars.’ Remote E2PPL course attendee.

‘An excellent course that kept me on my toes. Project management and experimental design components both extremely useful. 5 stars’. Remote E2PPL course attendee.

Very interesting informative course, knowledgeable and personable trainer that made me feel comfortable to contribute. Made Zoom work well for the purpose, didn’t feel like I was missing out at all attending the course via zoom rather than in person. 5 stars’. Remote NACWO course attendee.

‘Fantastic course, great information, Tutors were very helpful. 5 stars’. Remote NACWO course attendee.

‘Well organized and professionally presented -great presenters!! 5 stars’ Remote NVS course attendee