Training modules E1L/PILABK

Course outline  Bolt on courses

Applicants for personal licences in category A (minor procedures without anaesthesia) need to attend modules E1, PILA and PILK. Note that PILA is species specific and must be completed for all species that are to be applied for.

Applicants for category B licences (minor procedures under brief anaesthesia) will need to attend module PILB as well.

COVID UPDATE: Please note that where face to face teaching is not possible there are special arrangements for delivery and assessment of practical skills modules. Read our policy on remote skills training here.

E1LPILABK course dates for 2024

Please note that theoretical elements will be delivered by Zoom

29 April – 3 May PILA/B Theoretical elements delivered via Zoom register

03 – 07 June  PILA/B Theoretical elements delivered via Zoom register

22 – 26 July PILA/B Theoretical elements delivered via Zoom register


Please note you will need an institution code to register online for these courses. Contact us for more information.

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Module outline 

Day 1: E1L and PILA part 1(general principles), and PILK

Day 2: PILA part 2 and PILB

Days 3 and 4: PIL A – Species specific theory and practical (handling).

Please note that on Day 3 and 4, the tuition will last a variable length of time, depending on the number species required. Written examinations will normally take place after each session.

We are accredited to offer courses in the following species groups:

The small laboratory animals  – mice, rats, guinea pigs, hamsters and rabbits

The farm animal species – cattle, sheep and goats, pigs and mini-pigs, horses*

Poultry and Avian eggs – chickens, turkeys, game birds and waterfowl. Avian eggs


Fish* – zebrafish, marine and freshwater fish (rainbow trout, carp)

NB horses, fish, and amphibia only available as stand alone bolt-on courses

Candidates wishing to apply for a Personal Licence must attend the core modules, but may elect to cover any combination of the species modules shown above.

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We also offer ‘bolt-on’ module PIL A courses for all of the above species. These courses are intended for existing licence holders who wish to add additional species to their licence. Note that new PIL applicants will additionally need to complete PILB and PILK training before applying for a licence. You are advised to discuss your training needs with your Home Office Inspector.

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